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Preschool Gymnastics

Fun w/ a Friend

Tiny Tots

Gym Mini's

About our Program!

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The Preschool age group in gymnastics here at CCGI encompasses children of the ages of 18th months old to 5 years old and it is a pivotal stepping stone in the gymnastics journey! It’s a phase where basic coordination, balance, and foundational gymnastic skills are introduced in an engaging, fun, and safe environment. This stage is not merely about gymnastic skills, but also about instilling a love for the sport and fostering early physical literacy. 


Children in this age bracket are introduced to the joy of movement through games, activities, and basic routines that incorporate the fundamental elements of gymnastics. Basic skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands are often the focus, along with an introduction to apparatus like the balance beam and bars. Additionally, our young gymnasts learn the importance of strength, flexibility, and discipline, laying the groundwork for more advanced skills as they progress through the levels.

Learn & Grow with us!

Fun w/ a Friend

Ages: 18 months - 3 Years old

Parent/Guardian Participation Class

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Tiny Tots

Age: 3 Years Old

No Parent/Guardian Participating in Class

Gym Mini's

Ages: 4-5 Years Old

All Boys Gym Mini & CoEd Gym Mini's

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Class Pathways

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